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Rutland High School Class of '20 Donates Class Gift to VT COVID-19 Response Fund


The Rutland High School Class of 2020 is a caring and community-driven group of advocates for positive local change.

As Raiders, we are motivated to help our peers grow as both scholars and people. As Vermonters, we are dedicated to serving those who have supported us throughout our education and early years. In reciprocation of the guidance we’ve received from our communities, we highly value opportunities that allow us to give back.

In March, when statewide school closures were first announced, students expected to be back to the normal routine in a few weeks’ time. Those weeks passed and remote learning became a long-term reality for us, posing the challenge of approaching year-end events from a digital perspective. While the world around us changed tremendously in mere days, our dedication to giving back was only bolstered by the new appreciation we developed for our school. While we were unable to see friends, teachers or coaches in person, our support network and communication methods (even in Zoom form) became that much stronger. Even while we were apart, the community was still very much together. 

So, more than ever, the class wanted to do something that would support the Raiders and Vermonters doing good -- we are all facing this challenge together and there was no better place to donate our class gift than to the Vermont Community Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund. The goals of the RHS Class of 2020 perfectly aligned with those of the Foundation to support local organizations battling the effects of the novel coronavirus. The RHS Class of ‘20 is honored to have been able to contribute.

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